Day 1

birdflyfree  For the past few days, I’ve stayed completely away from Facebook.  Already I am beginning to experience numerous benefits, such as, a clearer head, a less bogged-down feeling soul, and my husband of nearly 6 years and I have had better *that thing that happens when 2 people really, really like each other* than we have in a while.  Our house is clean – almost all of it all at the same time!  That’s pretty much never really happened before in this particular dwelling (have been living here with said husband for 6 years).

I decided to take a little stroll through Googleland to see who else might be out there consciously and intentionally departing from the social networking site and came across this article: Yep, science confirms that quitting Facebook makes people happier.  No real surprise there.

These past few days I have been seriously considering taking the entire year of 2017 off from Facebooking.  I haven’t deleted my account as of yet as that, after all, would mean going onto the Facebook site.  However, I have removed the apps of Facebook and Facebook Messenger from my mobile.  After reading the aforementioned article, I decided to contact the organization conducting the study to express interest in participating in the potential study of those willing to take a year off from Facebook.  The initiating correspondence to the Happiness Research Institute reads as follows:

I haven’t been on Facebook for a few days and have been seriously starting to consider taking a year off from it. Going onto the site has been feeling like how I would imagine it would feel to be going into a labyrinth. In my almost 10-year tenure as a Facebook user, my heart has been hurt worse and way more often by people I used to actually like than I am quite certain it ever did when we used to network face-to-face at our favorite local dives. With over 600 Facebook friends (it still boggles the mind that I know 600+ people on some level or another…and do I?? Really???), it has all gotten to be too overwhelming. There is a world outside of Facebook that I used to know, and I think I’d like to explore it once again.

In an article on the Science Alert website it was stated that your CEO, Meik Wiking, expressed possible interest in studying those who take a year off, and, as it happens, I’d be interested in participating if geography isn’t an issue. I’m in the US State of Arkansas.

Thank you for your consideration.’

It will be interesting to see if they actually respond, and, if so, what they will say.

Oh!  In other news, I made an apple pie for the very first time!  It was a little too sweet for our tastes, but it didn’t stop us from eating half of it before it had a chance to cool completely.


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