Days 6 and 7

Retreating.  I’ve done a lot of it throughout my adult life.  Right now I am embracing it.  Not embracing the things I had no control over put me in a very bad place, which is a lot of what led to this year off from facebook.  I’m changing a few things.

Yesterday was cold.  We got wood ready to burn and ran a couple of errands, mostly having to do with getting me well.  Last month I missed 2 weeks of work with bronchitis and have not fully recovered the feeling of a strong body and immune system as yet.  I’ve been throwing many things at the problem, taking many supplements, doing neti pots and garlic ear oil, etc.

Today has been low energy, and I managed to spend pretty much all day in my pajamas.  That’s always a good day.  And Sherlock was on, twice in a row!  I’m hoping that Mary’s death is merely a scenario taking place in Sherlock’s mind as the bullet heads toward him.

Essentially, what led to this retreat was, I got in a bad way, pretty much all the way around, physically, emotionally, mentally, existentially.  It became apparent that to not stay there, and to avoid getting to that place again, some adjustments are going to have to be made.  Now that I’m past 50, post menopausal, etc., I’m going to have to learn what taking care of the person I am and the body I have at this stage is all about.

Tomorrow is my gig at the veterans’ retirement home (I do hair there once or twice a week).  The capes still need to be washed and will not wash themselves.


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