Day 9

A surprise development: I started a new job today as a seamstress for an organic mattress making company.  I’d talked to the co-owner well over a month ago, and my impression was that a lack of experience with an industrial sewing machine disqualified me as a candidate.  I have plenty of sewing machine experience just not with the kind that uses large multiple spools.  It seems they’re getting new business and have to ramp up production, so…they called me in to talk about it this morning and had me come in this evening to learn the ropes from the primary seamstress during her shift.

I’m a little nervous about how to make this all work.  When talking to the owners before, they were thinking about hiring someone part-time, which would have been pressing against all of my obligations but likely doable with being able to set my own hours.  Their needs now could quite possibly turn into lots of extra hours which thinking about brings on a feeling of anxiety.

Interruption: I’m watching the Flaming Lips on Jimmy Fallon, and my heart is about to explode!!  Oh my goodness, they are so good!!

So, anyway, back to being a seamstress.  As a hairstylist, I was not trying to grow my relatively small clientèle, the biggest reason being the availability needed for Mom and all that she has going on.  Cutting hair on Mondays is non-negotiable.  In terms of clientèle for the other salon, it seems to be shrinking – which is good in some ways and creates a bit of a conundrum in other ways.  The owner of the salon is great to work with and made a place for me, and the rent is reachable.  I’d hate to give the space up then need it later on and regret having let it go.

The earnings from the seamstress job provides an extra little cushion enabling me to not have to worry so much right now about whether or not to keep the spot.  The thing is…I just really don’t want to set myself up for failure, and I fear I might be doing just that.  Universe, Power of Being, whatever may be preferred, please help me navigate all this!

I did wonder a couple of times today if this opportunity would have been possible had I not given up facebook…the thing of giving up one thing making room for another thing…a compelling thing to think about…


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