Day 10 – Wednesday

Wow!  10 whole days since making the decision to stay away from facebook, 5 days off of it if one is counting logging on briefly to change my settings and respond to a few private messages.  It hasn’t been a smooth ride, but would it be worth doing if not for the bumps?  Actually, I deleted the apps and quit going onto facebook a day or two after Christmas, so it’s actually been a bit longer than 10 days since I interacted with the facebook world.

Boredom: We’ve become a world that lives in almost paranoid fear of it.  We’re quickly losing the art of being bored, and it bugs me.  Whenever we start to feel twitchy with it, we’ve got something to alleviate it right at our finger tips.  There was a time when we just gave in to it with a slump and a big sigh – and all kinds of really cool stuff came about that wouldn’t have come about any other way, from the springboard of boredom.  Listen to the music of the late 60s and 70s.  Even the 80s were a creative time in music, but it was starting to get too productiony by then.  There is still some life in some of the stuff from the 90s, but by 2000, everything started sounding like everything else, and that’s where we find ourselves today: people afraid of the twitchies playing to people afraid of the twitchies: that uncomfortable place where boredom is about to set in.

Our parents wouldn’t stand for hearing us complain about being bored.  They’d shove us out the door and tell us to stay out, and off we’d go, getting on with doing something about it.  And, ohhhhh, how we did something about it, every day – and we even lived to tell about it!  So, you see, dear younguns, you really won’t die from boredom.  I know of no case where it boredom has ended the life of a single, solitary soul.


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