Days 13 and 14 – Saturday/Sunday

Most of the day was spent asleep in bed.  No telling how many hours I slept.  That’s the only acceptable way to spend a day sick, in my book.

I did manage to accomplish making another apple pie, the kind with the crumb top.  This time, I backed off the sugar, but not overly so.  Last time, the pie was too sweet right out of the oven, but after a night in the fridge, the apples had soaked up some of the sugar, and the pie was nearly perfect…still pretty sweet, but very tasty.  Making the pie tonight required a lot of sitting down whenever I’d start to feel woozy, but the pie was really excellent this time!

These are the 2 recipes I followed:

For the filling, this was the recipe followed with only slightly less sugar plus a pinch of cloves, ginger and some cardamom – Perfect Apple Pie

For the crumb topping I used the Topping portion but with half as much of both sugars the recipe called for – Dutch Apple Pie

After baking and eating a couple of pieces of pie, most of the evening was spent in and out of sleep on the couch until Major Crimes came on.

One more day to rest is what I sincerely hope becomes of the rest of this Sunday.


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