Day 16- Tuesday 

Thus far, I don’t miss facebook all that much. I needed some peace somewhere in my life, and Facebook is the antithesis of a tranquil place to go. I don’t miss the chaos.  I found that, on that platform, people either show their absolute best or absolute worst, and somewhere in between is reality.  I need a good strong taste of something real.

Speaking of chaos, today was stressful to the max!  It’s that feeling of pressure that comes when one is taking on way too much, and I don’t know which thing is going to have to give way for sanity’s sake, but I am hopeful the way will be made clear soon.  Have mercy!!

Maybe I’m going through something akin to the DTs (as we call them in substance abuse recovery) over this quitting facebook thing.  Maybe it’s just the stress of making major changes at this stage of life.  Whatever it is, I need it to get behind me, ASAP.  I don’t know how much of this kind of stress the body can withstand without major, and possibly irreparable damage.  Have mercy!!!

I’m having a cup of Yogi Bedtime Tea with chamomile, hoping to calm these poor, frayed nerves.  This was the message on the teabag:


Interesting…Trust, as in, trusting God, the Universe, or what-have-you, to guide and help navigate all this.  Perhaps that’s where I will once again find my center and my footing.


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