Day 18 – Thursday

The last day/night of the Obama presidency…sigh…

I wanted to try and stay away from the whole Trump debacle, but Obama is worth talking about in terms of the inauguration.  I’m so proud of him, proud of his presidency, proud of the job he did and the demeanor in which he did it, proud of his family…just so much!  Words really can’t express the feeling.  I can’t really think of a president in my lifetime that I can say that about, that is, one elected when I was of age to vote.

I will miss this president and this first family.


Thank you, Obama!

Back to the day-to-day that is my life, having 3 jobs (5 if looking after Mom and the band count) is forcing me to get organized and provides no room for procrastination on things that have to be tended to around the house.  There is no melting into the couch thinking, ‘I’ll  get to it in a minute’ then finding before I know it, the sum total of available minutes to accomplish needed tasks have evaporated.  Here’s hoping for new, great habits!

Still loving my new trainers, and how!  This pretty well expresses it:  Paolo Nutini – New Shoes (HQ)


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