Day 19 – Friday

Today while browsing the sale items at Academy Sports, I ran into someone I’d grown quite fond of conversing with.  Back in the day, I’d see him around, and we’d greet each other, but, ironically, I didn’t really get to know him all that well until becoming facebook friends with him.  It looked as if we both had the same idea of being out and about and as far away from the television as humanly possible.  We talked for several minutes expressing our misgivings about the changing of the guard and exchanged a couple of hugs.  It was so nice seeing someone I knew in actual live personhood!

The plan for today was to not watch the inauguration at all, but Steve turned it on, and that’s what I woke up to, so I watched until time to take Mom to her exercise session.  It was tough to watch.  There wasn’t much in the swearing in proceedings that was encouraging or hopeful.  What has become of us??  Have mercy!!

At the sewing job, we’re…or, actually, I am working with a very light cotton knit that rolls up and has to be unrolled every few inches while running through the surger.  My coworker, the one who’s showing me the ropes, said she’d talked to one of the owners about it after I’d already written a note letting them know it takes 4-5 times longer to surge having to do so much unrolling and that they may want to take that into consideration when figuring in total cost and production time when next deciding whether to continue ordering that fabric.  Of all of the pillow cases I made, only one was not able to be salvaged due to trying to stitch up one side first rather than the one I’d been starting with, just to see if it would go faster.  It didn’t.  I ended up with a long thin case that looked more like a body pillow case than a standard.  However, it only took a couple of minutes (half the time it was taking to sew the cases, or less) to create a prototype of a very cute potential sleep cap.  When I show it to the owners tomorrow, perhaps they’ll like what they see.


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