Days 20 and 21 – Saturday/Sunday

We had our first band practice at our house tonight and were very happy with the way things sounded.  Now that all this band stuff has been set up, somehow, motivation came to rearrange things.  We’ve had the living room the old way since we’ve had a house together.

20170121_191259.jpg 20170122_025837.jpg

Having 2 new pieces of furniture didn’t hurt the motivation either.  I’d been wanting a fold up shelf for years.  The other day, Steve came home with the shelf that is now behind the chair.  He had no idea that I’d been coveting one like it…he did well!  Then Saturday morning my brother came by with a sewing chest that had belonged to my maternal grandmother.  I really wanted to put it where I could use it where I like to sew, which is the couch.


I’m so happy to have it!  The 2 pieces really brought the room together nicely.  Now if I could only paint the living room….

Sunday was one of those chili dreary winter days, the kind of day it’s good to be able to stay in, keep the heaters going, and take a long winter’s nap.  I did have to get out, however, to give my new boss a new do.  I don’t usually work on Sundays, but I will if it’s the only time a client can make it.  I really should have taken before and after photos.  She looked amazing!



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