Day 22 – Monday

I knew there would be times that this challenge would be hard.  Tonight, for some reason, I am acutely aware that this road I have chosen is a lonely one.  But sometimes loneliness is part of the process of self-discovery.

This is either a real nagging feeling that there may be more personal messages on fb that need attending to or it’s just the aforementioned loneliness doing the thinking for me.  Over the weekend, I started thinking that I may have to modify my plan to include checking in for personal messages once a month.  If I do this, I’ll pick a day.  At this point there are bound to be more notifications than when I went in to check personal messages last time, and I didn’t look at those, so I think I’d like to stay consistent with that.

I am leaning toward not deactivating just so people know I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.  My husband is very active on facebook, so people can check his page if they are worried, as I’m sure he would post something in the event of my death – not that I’m expecting to die any time soon…just thinking out loud.

Since I don’t really know how to feel or think about this, is checking messages once a month cheating on this challenge?



2 thoughts on “Day 22 – Monday

    1. Really well, actually. I feel more centered, like I’m starting to get my bearings once again. I deactivated my account about a week ago and have not looked back yet. I leave open the possibility that I may start really missing it, but, thus far, I really don’t. At all.

      I feel a little bit guilty at times. Maybe it’s something akin to survivor’s guilt…that thing of, I got away but still know and love many people who have yet to break free. It’s silly, because most of us are or were there by choice, but it’s definitely a form of mental imprisonment. Any addiction is a form of subjugation, and social media, apparently, is no exception.

      One thing I have really noticed is being a lot more productive. It’s so much easier to organize my thoughts, and that’s where either accomplishments or procrastination takes place first is in the thought processes.

      How’s it been going for you?

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