Days 23 – 25 Tue – Thu

Tuesday ended up being a night off as the owners closed the shop early, so Steve and I made the most of some precious time together, running a few errands, going thrift shopping, and trimming his now unbelievably long hair.


After cutting 3-4 inches off:
20170124_201423.jpg 20170124_202240.jpg

He does have gorgeous hair!

We capped the night off with a late dinner at a wonderful Italian place called Pesto Cafe.  A local musician who’s been around for years was playing to a small audience…it was like being in old Fayetteville again.


Wednesday it was back at the sewing machine.  I finally did it, drove a needle a millimeter or two into the inner dermis layer of a finger.  What gets me is this weird hardness of the entire fingertip and discoloration.  I really don’t understand that part of it.


Tonight (Thur.) was another night off spent melting into the couch in and out of sleep after a fairly busy day at the salon.  After waking up and springing to life, as has been the manner of things after 11pm throughout my life, I made a big pot of chicken soup.  There is nothing, but nothing, like homemade chicken soup! I’ve been trying to find the best brand of canned chicken soup for years, and after having tried pretty every brand available, it’s time to concede to the reality of there being no such thing as a good chicken soup in a can.  It just isn’t the same as homemade, and there is nothing more comforting.


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