Day 26 – Friday Decision

*caution: foul language ahead*

I may give it a day or two, but I’ve pretty much decided to deactivate my account on facebook.  It’s taken a while, but after much thought and soul-searching I believe I have identified exactly what’s so gotten my goat about this social media monster.  It is a tool where people want to show only their best but end up revealing their worst.  It’s just too easy to sit there, scroll after scroll, and let judgments about others run around in our heads unchecked.  I say unchecked because, when we had only voice and face-to-face communication, more often than not, we didn’t usually say out loud the judgments running around in our heads.  Now, thanks to unlimited ways to express oneself on a social media platform, we let those very things we wouldn’t say be the driving force for where and how our fingers do the walking, and we never get to see or feel the impact or the face the damage we’ve done to each other.  We just keep scrolling, blocking, picking, nitpicking, and making decisions about people based on faulty logic and a serious lack of compassion and understanding.  Things sound differently coming out of the mouth than it does roiling in the head and only coming out at the tap of a letter key.  On a free-for-all format like facebook, we never get to hear and truly see the horror of it all – yet we experience the horror of it nonetheless, alone with our thoughts, alone with our electronic devices, and we suffer in silence…yet we keep on scrolling, and on and on it goes, day in and day out.

So, based on my experience of this, both on the giving a receiving end of it, I have only this to say: Fuck facebook.


Time to break the fucking cycle and stop the madness.  I can’t stop it for anybody else, but I can give myself the gift of sanity.


4 thoughts on “Day 26 – Friday Decision

  1. I agree with everything you say about F*c*book. a lot of what you find on there is shallow, misleading and misled. It’s salted with vomit-inducing sentimentality and dross (usually cut and pasted by insincere people who want to give the impression they’re a lot nicer than they are), and peppered with brain-rotted & rotting poison. I rarely visit it, except to privately message GENUINE friends who like to use that form of communication.

    But (there just had to be a “but”, didn’t there…), last year I was thinking of scrapping my account, when a long-lost friend managed to find me through that medium. We’ve met up a couple of times, and now I’ve lost his phone number, so I’ll use F*c*book to ask for it.

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      1. There are lots of better ways – email, phone, BLOGGING – but some of my friends, particularly those in other parts of the country, prefer FB.
        When facebook was fairly new, I was slagging it off to a guy I knew, and he said, “I think it’s brilliant. I can’t stand my sister-in-law, so I made friends with her on Facebook. Now I’ll never have to speak to her face-to-face again.”

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