Days 27, 28 – Saturday, Sunday

I haven’t deactivated yet.  There’s this pesky little matter of having to go onto the site to do it, and I haven’t been able to scare up the stomach to get on there as of yet.

Practice on Saturday went well.  It’s a completely different feel here in our house, and we’re still figuring things out and finding our groove here.


Tonight (Sunday) was an extra special rare treat.  My son was doing standup comedy at a local brewery.  Such a gutsy thing to do, and he was funny!  The rest of the people in the audience seemed to really be enjoying his bit.  It was a lot of fun.  I snapped only one picture, and it was pathetic!  But I didn’t want to mess up his flow or embarrass him or anything, so I snapped the photo hurriedly while his attention was focused on a different part of the room.  It’s the first picture I’ve personally taken of him, though, so it stays and goes here.

Goodness, but he amazes me!


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