On January 2, 2017 a decision was made by yours truly to take the entire year off from participating in the social networking site, Facebook.  A daily chronicle seems in order for taking on such a challenge. As my business – as in, the vocation that keeps food on the table, etc. – is sometimes conducted via Facebook, this is not an endeavor without risk.  Having never had a daily blog, a post a day might be a bit too ambitious to commit to (after all, part of the point of this is to actually go out and live real life in real time), but it’s worth a try.  Perhaps.

My name is Carol: 50-something hairstylist, musician, seamstress, gardener, lover of nature, planet preservation advocate, avid Star Trek fan, and a few other things I hope to discover and/or explore more fully in the coming months.  My husband’s name is Steve, and this year, 2017, will be our 6th wedding anniversary and our 7th year together.  I have a 20-something son I am getting to know as he allows who was raised adopted.  I am also a very cute little dog’s own personal human; her name is Littlebit.  This year will also mark my 23rd year clean and sober.  Also in this year of 2017, my mother, Mary Elizabeth, will be 90 years on this earth.  She has been diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia, which was explained to us as a Parkinson’s spectrum disorder.  I do as much as I can to help keep her mind and body going strong.